Monday, February 11, 2013

"This Mom is on Fire!!!"

This morning, I was talking to my high-spirited, impulsive, super fun and imaginative nine-year-old son about how important it is to make good decisions. I was telling him about mistakes I’ve made, and the consequences of those mistakes. Anyway, when I was done (and feeling as if I’d been going on and on like the nagging mom I swore I’d never become), he said, “You give good talks. Can you come talk to my kids when I grow up if they do something stupid?”  

My inner self pumped a fist into the air and began singing “This mom is one fire!” (Advantage of singing in my head: I sounded EXACTLY like Alicia Keys when she sings “Girl on Fire!”).  I usually feel like 'this mom' is exhausted and ‘this mom’ doesn’t know what she’s doing, so it was a happy moment. Of course, I soon began wondering if ‘this mom’ is just really gullible. Hmm…

I will choose to believe my son was being totally sincere and not at all trying to get me to shut up.

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  1. Your son rocks, Ines! He knows a wonderful mom when he sees you, girl!