Thursday, June 6, 2013

Who Would YOU Rather Kiss...Part II of III...

Who Would You Rather Kiss…? Part II of III
I asked 21 authors to share their answers to a few fun questions and I will be posting their answers, seven authors at a time, throughout the week. Questions:
1. Who would you rather kiss: James Bond, Mr. Darcy, Thor, or Lloyd Dobler. Why?
2. If you could live in any story ever written, which story would you choose and why?
3. If you could have one of your characters over for coffee, tea, or a margarita, which character would you choose, and what is the one question you’d ask them?

Their answers were revealing, hilarious, and…ahem…interesting.  Elves, hobbits, and wizards, oh my! And, what’s this about Viking blood? Plus… another Lloyd Dobler fan. Yes, we get you,  Lloyd.

Carol Ritter Smith:
1. I would definitely kiss James Bond, pretty much any or all of the actors
who have portrayed him. Do I have loose morals? Never!
2. I'd love to step into Anne of Green Gables and meet the people of
Avonlea, PEI, especially Mathew Cuthbert. I cried when he died.
3. I'm sending an invitation to tea right now to Beth Patterson of my book, STUBBORN HEARTS, so I can ask her why on earth she didn't trust Tom sooner.
Too stubborn, I bet!

1. James Bond -- but only if he looks like the Pierce Brosnan version, because, even if he didn't mean it, he'd be suave debonair and maybe I'd get a ride in one of those nifty cars!
2. (I’d be) Veronica Franco in The Honest Courtesan.  What a rich and significant life she led! And she was articulate to boot!
3. I'd have Serena, a minor character in my upcoming book, California Homecoming (releasing 6/24), over and ask "So, what's your story?"

1. Definitely, Lloyd Dobler! They need to remake that movie, but if they did what on earth would a modern day Lloyd Dobler hold up in the "In Your Eyes" scene? An iPod just wouldn't cut it! The last scene in Say Anything was a huge inspiration for my book Destination Wedding, which in one airplane scene, my heroine stares up at the Fasten Seatbelt Sign just like Ione Skye's character did.
2. I would have loved to been one of the characters Emma match makes in Emma. I'm sure it got pretty hot in Hartfield!
3. Kate Ashby, my heroine in Destination Wedding would be fun to have margaritas with. I'd ask her once and for all which handsome twin was the better kisser!

Christine Feldman:
1. Mr. Darcy, because despite his aloof exterior, there beats the heart of a true romantic who would make great sacrifices for the woman he loves.  Plus, you know...Colin Firth!  (Lloyd's a nice guy, too, but it seems like getting involved with either James Bond or Thor could shorten a gal's life expectancy, considering their lines of work).
2. Lord of the Rings!  Why?  Elves, hobbits, wizards, grand adventures, and--of course--the jewelry.
3. I'd probably invite Shannon Mahoney from my upcoming book, The Bargain, handywoman extraordinaire, and I'd ask her:  What is the right way to snake a drain?  Romantic?  No, but the answer would make my life a lot easier...

Andrea R. Cooper:
1. Thor. He is the only one in this list who reminds me of my husband-who we also wonder if he has Viking blood. 
2. Anne Bishop's The Black Jewels, because I love stories with magic and Medieval settings.
3. Celeste from The Garnet Dagger. I would ask her what it is like to keep faith in her destiny despite her long imprisonment. 

Susanne Mathews:
1. James Bond, but just not any of them—I’d go for the suave and dashing Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan. To me, they represent the ideal sleek and sophisticated James Bond, the kind who could romance state secrets out of any woman.
2. This is a tough one, but I think I’d want to live in any one of Nora Roberts’ The MacGregors books. The idea of being rich enough to do whatever I’d like to do appeals to me: I could write all day and someone else could cook and clean.
3. I would invite Alexis over for a margarita; she enjoys a good time when she’s not working. I think I’d ask her what she remembers about Jake from her last year in Paradise.

Peggy Bird:
1. Assuming I get to pick my James Bond--Daniel Craig, where are you?--I'll pick 007. If I'm going to fantasize, I'll take the dangerous man.
2. I've eliminated some of my favorite books and authors--Gone With the Wind, Little Women, anything by Jane Austen--because the lack of modern conveniences would completely do me in. So I'm stuck between Pippi Longstocking and Eloise. They lived the life I would have loved as a kid--happily on their own, without the interference of adults.  
3. I'd pick one of the guys, of course. Either Tony or Marius. And I'd ask them how they felt about older women.




  1. off to buy destination has too much in common with me. Interesting to see if i'll ike the book.

  2. Mr. Darcy, Anne of Green Gables, as for #3: I don't write! Deb

  3. Thanks for letting me share in the fun, Ines! :)

  4. Very interesting, ladies!