Friday, February 28, 2014


Okay, so yesterday I shared/vented/mused about how we sometimes need to let go of certain friendships because they're just not healthy. Today I had the complete opposite experience and decided to share that, too. I know yesterday's post was too long, so I'll try to keep this post short and sweet.

Today I met with two friends (they're part of the "girls night out" group I wrote about in my last post) who are also moms and we had a long and thought-provoking conversation about motherhood. It was LOVELY and SWEET because we really opened up and allowed ourselves to be vulnerable with one another. I left with a lighter load on my shoulders because I knew I wasn't alone in second guessing myself as a mom.

When I got home, I read an email from another friend who made me feel doubly blessed and fortunate. In a nutshell, this friend did something incredibly generous for me... without me asking (I never would have thought or dared to ask). She knew she could help me with something and she went out of her way to do it for no other reason than because she is a good and beautiful person and an advocate for women helping each other. I feel so touched and humbled to have these women in my life and I will look for ways to pay their support and generosity forward.


  1. Love it! But I also wanted to read your last post again and it disappeared. I've been dealing with an overly critical know it all and that post made me feel like I wasn't alone, lol. Sarah

  2. I'm so glad you liked the post! Thank you for letting me know. I removed it because I decided to give one last chance ;). And though the post was super general (and writing it helped me clear my head and decide on that one last chance), I removed it just in case.