Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Good news...

I've been offered a 3 book deal by an absolute dream editor! I'm chatting with her later today. Can't wait to hear her ideas and especially can't wait to sign!

Also, I won second place in The Sandy, a national writing competition. Congrats to the 1st place and 3rd place winners! I'd post their names, but I don't know the order yet. They should be posted here, soon:

And this week I found out that CHARMED is one of Crimson Romance's all-time best sellers!  This has been a very good week.

Finally, I'm making some major changes in the next few months, stay tuned and thanks for stopping by :).


  1. Ines! Congrats. Love hearing good news from you. I adored CHARMED and STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT. Looking forward to your new release. :) Lynn

  2. Thank you!!! I'll keep it short here, 'cause I'm about to visit you at your site!